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12:55 - 1:25

Courtney Warren (MACP ‘13) works as a Lead Intake Specialist at Valley Cities Counseling & Consultation at the Meridian Center for Health. Before that, she worked at their Renton clinic as a primary Intake Specialist and a Next Day Appointment Program Clinician where she worked with clients that have fallen through the cracks of care and treatment in King County and beyond to help connect them to resources and care.

David William Rice (MDiv ‘10) and his wife, Wendy, are parents to two young boys. They live, work and play in Northern Michigan where they enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the lakefront landscape and centering their family around good food, and endless amounts of children’s literature. An avid gardener and cook, David can often be found growing things in his backyard, getting lost in the hope of a seed catalog or cooking up something delicious in the kitchen. David been serving as Lead Pastor of Markey Church since 2014

Matthew Smith (MACP ‘15) serves as the Executive Vice President for First Aid Arts, a Seattle based non-profit that equips trauma care providers with arts based tools and training. In addition to his work with First Aid Arts, Matthew serves as a mental health counselor in the Seattle area through his private practice. Learn more about Matthew Smith and his work with First Aid Arts»

1:30 - 2:00

Knox Burnett (MACP ‘13) is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Personal Trainer working in private practice in Seattle, WA. His body-oriented, integrative approach to therapy has been born out of a myriad of educations including work with college athletes, addicts, holistic health professionals, and people struggling with issues of food, body, and movement. As a speaker, writer, and clinician, Knox is passionate about translating the beauty and interconnectedness of life in all the places it flourishes so that all may feel the embrace of the Kingdom of God. Learn more about Knox’s work»

Amber Saldivar (MACP ‘13) is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Developmental Disabilities Mental Health Specialist in Edmonds, WA. She specializes in working with people with disabilities and chronic illnesses and their caregivers. Her unique 18-year journey into the world of disability has fueled her lifelong passion to advocate for and include this population. She is a Church Disability Advocate within her church’s denomination, and co-facilitates a community support group for caregivers of people with disabilities in Mountlake Terrace.

Rachael Anne Clinton (MDiv ‘10) serves as the Assistant Director of Program Development & Admissions for The Allender Center, as well as a part of the teaching and facilitation staff. Rachael is a stormborn woman of the Oklahoma plains, a trauma survivor and specialist, a preacher, a plant lady, and an unapologetic sports fan. She’s fiercely committed to bringing healing and hope at the prophetic and pastoral intersection of trauma, embodiment, spiritual formation, and biblical imagination.

2:05 - 2:35

Jenny Wade (MACP ‘13) spent four years as a group and primary therapist at Opal: Food + Body Wisdom, an eating disorder clinic. As a trained yoga teacher and licensed psychotherapist she teaches individuals to develop a deep trust in their body and inner voice. She believes that all bodies are good and is on a mission to help every person learn to come home to their body. Learn more about Jenny and her work at Haven Yoga»

Lacy Clark Ellman (MACS ‘12) holds a certificate in Spiritual Direction and was selected as a New Contemplative by Spiritual Directors International in 2015. Professionally, she is a spiritual director, maker, and guide who speaks the language of pilgrimage and is always ready for the next adventure, having traveled to over twenty countries on four continents. Personally, she is a lover of food, books, spirituality, growing and making things, far-off places and lovely spaces. Find her work at A Sacred Journey»

Eric Mason (MACP ‘13) holds an MDiv from Yale University and works as a licensed psychotherapist and an ordained Episcopal priest. Eric currently serves as the rector of St. Laurence Anglican Church in the metropolitan area of Vancouver, BC.

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